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Traveling Mayto, Tehualmixtle, and Cabo Corrientes From Puerto Vallarta

Updated: Mar 29

If you are interested in traveling to Mayto, Tehualmixtle, or Cabo Corrientes from Puerto Vallarta then this article is for you. Trip Time: 2.5 hours Road Condition: Moderately bumpy Vanlife Score: 9 out of 10 Safety: Green

*We recommend spending part of the day in Tehualmixtle, but staying overnight in Mayto.

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Preparing For Your Road Trip

Aside from the obvious road trip preparations, there a few things to mention that are specific to heading to Mayto or Tehualmixtle.

  • Cell Phone Service - Once you get outside of Puerto Vallarta, your cell phone services is going to very bad. It is best to have your route planned and a map ready before you go.

  • Take Pesos - When you are outside of Puerto Vallarta, you will need Mexican pesos. It is a lot less common for other currencies to be accepted.

  • Bring Toilet Paper - Bathrooms are available along the way, but you will need to bring your own toilet paper.

Attractions On The Way To Mayto & Tehualmixtle

When traveling south of Puerto Vallarta on Route 200, there are many amazing stops before you arrive at Mayto & Tehualmixtle Here are some quick stops that we suggest;


Tehualmixtle is a small fishing town and is a well known spot to eat GIANT oysters.

This place has a lot of local tourism.

On Sundays it can get a little rowdy and crowded. We suggest coming here during the week or on Saturday.

When you get into Tehualmixtle there is a big parking lot at the top of the hill. Just follow all of the cars coming into the town and you will see it. Once parked you will start your decent toward the beach.

There are a lot of shops to buy gifts and supplies on the main road in.

The hill down to the beach is a little steep, and if you are physically challenged, it is doable, but be careful.

Once you have made it all the way down, there are a plethora of restauraunts along the coastline.

The most famous one and the once we recommend is Cande's Restaurant.

At Cande's you will find the famous giant oysters.

All of the oysters are BIG, but ask for the special oysters for a HUGE surprise.

Afterward, feel free to hang out on the beach and go for a swim.

If you are traveling to Tehaulmixtle by camper van, we do not recommend sleeping there in the van.

Mayto is much more picturesque and there are better places to park your camper van.

From Tehaulmixtle to Mayto, it is about a 15 minute ride...


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Congrats, you've finally made it to Mayto!

Mayto has a really nice bay, the beach is beautiful, and it is great for camping.

There are a few boutique hotels and AirBnBs on the beach, but it is largely untouched. You will find local tourist here and well-traveled foreigners from Europe, Canada, and the United States.

We think that this destination is perfect for a two-day camping trip.

It is nice and quiet and is a great place to relax, have a bonfire, and enjoy the sunset. If you are looking for a tasty surfer-vibe restaurant check out Tokipa MaytoMood . They have great seafood dishes, live music at night, and cold drinks.

Where To Park Your Camper Van In Mayto?

Playa del Amor in Mayto is the best place to park your camper van.

This is a beach area to the south of the main beach. It is quiet and tranquil.

We provided a map as a reference from the Tokipa Restaurant.

Here you can park in the sand and set up camp with a great view of the Pacific Ocean.

There are hammocks already set up for you to just chill and relax as well.

Just to the north, is the main beach area.

Here is another great place to set up a tent. Although you will not be able to park your van directly on the main beach as access with a vehicle could be difficult.

On the main beach you will find a couple of bars and restaurants. Any of them are a great place to go at night, have a drink, and watch the sunset.

We also recommend getting up early and walking the beach at sunrise.

Need An Awesome Place To Stay?

Along the Pacific coast and 15 minutes from Tehualmixtle is an amazing boutique hotel. The hotel is called Villas del Sol and it is rested at the top of a mountain overlooking the ocean. A husband and wife team manage it to give you an amazing relaxing experience.

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